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Immediate Dentures

What are immediate dentures?

When you have natural teeth extracted, their removal can leave gaps and spaces in your mouth where your natural teeth once were. Depending where in your mouth your natural teeth were extracted it can leave you with either unsightly gaps or with problems chewing.

To help prevent this, we can provide you with dentures to be fitted as soon as your natural teeth have been extracted, so you won't be left without any teeth.

Once natural teeth have been extracted the gums can take upto 3 months to heal.  During this time you can wear your immediate dentures, however, during this period of time your immediate dentures may become increasingly loose.  We can modify your immediate dentures during this time to improve the fit of these dentures while your gums continue to heal.

After about 3 months and your gums are fully healed, we can assess whether your immediate dentures need modifying again or whether you will need new dentures for long term use.  We can give you all the options available, so you can make an informed decision about what is right for you.

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