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Cleaning Dentures

It's important to keep your dentures clean, whether you have partial dentures or full dentures, as it's essential for good oral hygiene.

Cleaning Partial Dentures

  1. Remove your partial denture before cleaning it and before brushing your natural teeth.
  2. Clean the denture daily using a soft bristled brush and warm water. We suggest the use of non-abrasive denture cream is best. Toothpastes are not recommended for use in cleaning dentures, as they may abrade and cause micro scratches on your dentures.
  3. Clean your natural teeth thoroughly with a toothbrush and toothpaste as normal and/or interdental brushes to remove plaque. Do not forget to gently brush the parts of the gums that are covered by the denture.
  4. As a general rule you should not wear your partial denture overnight.

Cleaning Full Dentures

  1. Rinse the denture and your mouth without the denture in with water after every meal.
  2. Clean the denture twice a day using a soft bristled brush and warm water. We recommend the use of a non-abrasive denture cream. Regular tooth pastes are not recommended because they may cause micro scratches on your dentures.
  3. Carefully brush the interdental spaces and all the surfaces of the denture for about two minutes. In addition, clean the tongue and the roof of your mouth with a soft brush.
  4. After brushing thoroughly, rinse the denture under running water.
  5. Generally you should not wear your denture overnight. This enables the parts of the mouth the denture covers to recover.
  6. You should keep your denture in cold water from the tap when you are not wearing it. Full dentures may be immersed in a denture cleaning solution - please check the manufacturers instructions in how to use their denture cleaning products correctly.
  7. Rinse the denture under cold running water before wearing it.

If you notice stubborn signs of plaque on your denture (eg dental calculus), please contact us. We can clean your denture professionally. Using any kind of instrument to scrape anything off a denture may cause damage to it.