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Swiss Dentures

At Coventry Denture Studio Calvin is a certified Swiss Denture Concept Clinician.  This means he has undergone rigorous extra training with Master Technician Pius Obwegeser and examinations to be certified to provide Swiss Dentures to his denture patients.

Only the best materials used

With Calvin's Swiss Dentures, the denture base (the pink part of your dentures) is made from hard wearing injection moulded acrylic which is shaped and contoured to look like natural gums.

The Denture teeth used in your Swiss Dentures are made using a material called Nanofilled Composite+ (NFC+) and these produce a remarkable likeness to natural teeth.  These NFC+ teeth also have excellent abrasion resistance.  This counteracts premature tooth wear and the associated loss of facial support.

The result of using these high quality denture materials is a high strength denture with exceptional abrasion resistance.  

More precise measurements

With Swiss Dentures you will have more denture fittings and providing you with your new dentures will take longer than usual because of strict guidelines.  Calvin will take a series of precise functional impressions and jaw joint registrations and more measurements are taken.

A sliding caliper is used as an aid for evaluating the best tooth shape and size for each patient. Swiss Dental company Candulor have shown that there is a connection between the alinasal width and the shape of the patient's teeth. The Swiss Denture sliding caliper is used with a shape matrix to determine the shape of tooth best suited to the appearance of each individual patient.

The lip closure line is one of the most important parameters, especially when determining the length of the anteriors. The Swiss Denture Papillameter is used for measuring the length of the upper lip and the lip closure line. With the information obtained, the length and position of the anterior teeth can be determined much more precisely. 

The Nanofilled Composite+ Denture teeth are set to the condyle theory according to Professor Albert Gerber and the lingualized occlusion concept developed by Professor Gerber is achieved.

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