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Repairs Call or Text:    07765 550558

Denture Repairs

We can repair your broken or cracked dentures on the same day and if possible within the hour.

Our denture repair service includes:

  • Repairing broken dentures
  • Repairing cracked dentures
  • Repairing chipped dentures
  • Repairing fractured dentures
  • Repairing or replacing chipped or broken denture teeth
  • Repairing full dentures
  • Repairing partial dentures

Please do not attempt to repair your dentures with superglue.  You might be tempted to try this as a quick solution, however, it very rarely stays repaired for long this way.  Repairing your dentures yourself can sometimes make it difficult or impossible to repair your dentures correctly again and in some cases can cause permanent damage to your dentures.

Please call us now on: 024 76 033 055  or Text: 07765 550558 for your denture repairs.